Transformative Coaching for the Fearless Woman

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The Fearless Woman: Is This You?

You're the architect of your success, acclaimed yet restless for what's beyond the ​horizon. Mastery, depth, and sophistication aren't just ideals but the cornerstones of your ​being. You're the Fearless Woman: discerning, daring, and destined for more.

You don’t follow; you lead. You don’t adapt; you transform. Your journey is one of ​constant evolution, and you're on the brink of your next quantum leap. You've ​outgrown the conventional, and now you seek a path that's as distinct and profound as ​your vision.

Your intelligence shapes worlds. Your will breaks barriers. You value the rare and the real, ​the deep connection that elevates, and the exclusivity that ensures uncompromised ​excellence.

If these words strike a chord, then you've found your next chapter. ShadowOS Coaching ​is where your new journey unfolds — crafted exclusively for the elite few, for you.

nothing vanilla about this

ShadowOS Coaching: The ​Vanguard of Personal Mastery

This is where the prelude ends ​and the true narrative begins. It's ​where the 1% forge their path, ​not because it’s handed to them ​— but because they demand it.

Exclusive ​Entry:

You're not here by chance. You're here because ​you're part of the vanguard — the rare breed who ​sees beyond the veil of mediocrity. This is the ​domain of those who don't wait for evolution but ​command it.

Dominance ​Over ​Chance:

Leave nothing to the game of chance. Your ​ShadowOS is the unclaimed territory of your ​potential. In our 1:1 sessions, we don't play the ​game; we rewrite the rules.

The Elite ​Journey:

Not everyone is prepared for this odyssey. It ​demands a willingness to confront the elite within ​and seize the reins of transformation. Here, ​exclusivity isn't a privilege; it's a necessity.

The alchemy of your transformation begins with the ​knowledge that there is no next level — there are only new ​dimensions of self. In this realm, reinvention is not an ​option; it’s the only outcome.

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1:1 ShadowOS Coaching:

Where Leaders Forge Their Edge

This is the arena for the indomitable woman who commands the boardroom but seeks dominion over her own ​untapped potential. ShadowOS Coaching is an elite concierge service — not a mere offering but a crucible for ​transformation.

Decisive Sessions, Definitive Transformation: Four times monthly, you step into a one-hour power session that ​cuts through the noise. We strip away the superfluous and unlock the extraordinary. It's an unyielding exploration of ​self-mastery where only the bravest leaders tread.

Master the Self: This isn't about learning to lead; it's about leading to learn. You'll navigate the intricate dance of ​control within, mastering your ShadowOS to emerge not just empowered, but in command.

Your Shadows, Your Allies: Transform shadows from adversaries to allies in a space where vulnerability is the ​currency of growth. We channel the raw, untamed aspects of your psyche into a force for creating your next reality.

The Journey of the Elite: True leaders aren’t born; they're forged in the relentless pursuit of excellence. Break the ​mold. Shape your destiny. Become the sculptor of your narrative.

The Invitation: ShadowOS Coaching is a call to the select few ready to redefine their edge. Are you among them? ​Let’s begin.

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Discovering my ShadowOS with Lois ​was nothing short of revolutionary. ​Each session pushed the boundaries ​of what I thought was possible for my ​personal and professional growth.

Lois's coaching isn't just about e​mpowerment; it's about t​ransformation at the core. Her u​nyielding approach challenged me t​o embrace my full potential and step i​nto a power I never knew I had. This e​xperience is for those ready to not j​ust lead but to pioneer new frontiers w​ithin themselves.

linda ann

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Working with Lois is like entering a ​masterclass in self-command. Her ​coaching deftly navigated me ​through the complex layers of my ​psyche, unveiling strengths I was ​previously blind to. Her direct, no-​nonsense approach is refreshing and ​exactly what I needed to break ​through my barriers. I came to her a ​successful leader; I emerged a ​conqueror of my own life's narrative. ​Highly recommended for any woman ​who's serious about owning her next ​level.

Sandra B

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Oh wow!! I just did the exercise of sitting in quiet and letting my body tell me what it needs to feel safe.......whoa my body spoke so clearly. Not systems or anything. It was all about hugs and unconditional love, high fives whether I get 'er done or not.

Lois, I realized for the first time how "conditionally" I was loved...

Wow. Nurture and love the Little....💜💙💚

Barb Cole

Meet Lois StGermaine

Lois St. Germaine is the pioneering force behind My Stiletto Success, LLC, a platform where she redefines the essence ​of leadership for women at the top of their game. With a storied 35-year journey in corporate leadership, she now ​channels her acumen into the art of Shadow Domination, guiding women to command their own inner landscapes ​with the innovative ShadowOS Framework.

A creator at heart and a strategist by profession, Lois masterminds experiences that challenge the status quo, including ​the transformative Shadow Dominatrix Summer Camp and the thought-provoking Shadow Dominatrix podcast. She ​equips women with the tools to decode their subconscious operating system through her unique Archetype Quiz, ​empowering them to uncover and harness their latent power.

Residing in the heartbeat of Texas' unconventional spirit, Austin, Lois embodies the city's call to 'Keep Austin Weird', ​inspiring a community of women who not only embrace their inner kink but lead with it.